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The Power of 3: Staging for Complete, Fast, Profitable Results

Hands On Staging

Getting your house on the market, finding another home, managing your family and your job is a lot of responsibility. Staging your home before it is listed is an excellent strategy to get the highest price in the fastest time for your home. Staged By Three is a professional full service staging company with experience and a love of preparing homes for sale.

Our Full Service Staging process begins with an hour long consultation. The consultation is $150 and is applied to the final cost of our services, should you decide to contract us. We will handle the “heavy lifting”, providing our services to ensure you get the most from the sale of your home. Want to do the staging yourself with our professional advice? Check out our Walk and Talk Consultation Service.

How it Works:

  • One hour initial consultation at your home or via virtual video conference call
  • Walk through of the exterior and interior of your home with you and your family
  • Evaluation of current furnishings and accessories for staging use
  • Proposal for staging, furniture rentals (if required) and dates for staging and destaging service 

What You Get:

  • Complete staging services inside and out
  • Maximized curb appeal for WOW! first impressions 
  • Recommended minor repairs and changes which will lessen a buyers objections 
  • Staging Livability techniques
  • Showing instructions based on staging recommendations
  • On-Call Staging Services* 

Staged Occupied Homes

Home Staging helps neutralize decorating to appeal to more buyers
Home Staging helps buyers imagine themselves in this room

On-Call Services

I have gotten only one speeding ticket in the last 10 years.  My home in Leesburg, VA was for sale. I was running late in the morning trying to get to a software conference at George Mason University. I made a command decision to leave the house without completing my staging checklist. I rationalized that it was the middle of the week – during the day – no one was going to come by to show the house today. Right?

I got the call at noon. A buyer wanted to come back to see the house again at 1pm. ZOINKS!! Knowing how crucial it is that my home look as it did for the first showing, I raced towards Leesburg to put it back in its staged glory. Good Afternoon Officer…

How It Works:

  • On-Call Staging Services are available to our full service staging clients.
  • Priced at $200 for 2 hours per service
  • You call us with your request
  • We show up and help

What You Get:

  • Open House preparation
  • Staging clean up for last minute showings 
  • MLS Photo Shoot preparation
  • Assistance you may need to get your home back into its staged glory
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